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Offering Photography SEO Services to Busy Photographers.

I help photographers to build organic reach in their business to attract qualified leads without having to pay for ads. 

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Developing a Marketing Systems with a Passion to Serve Your Clients Better

After owning my own photography business for several years, I know the struggle that photographers can face trying to get quality leads for their business. 

Let’s face it, paying for ads is expensive and often times doesn’t actually get you the results you would like, that’s where SEO comes into play. 

I firmly believe that we can leverage the power of Google search and Pinterest to get you the results that you desire and get those clients into your business. 

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What Do I Do?

Here’s a little snapshot of what I do.

SEO Setup/Optimization

SEO starts with the basic tech setup. I will audit your website for anything that could be hindering your SEO potential, and make appropriate adjustments to ensure that you have everything ready to go. 

Blog Writing

After the initial setup, we can continue on with blog writing.  Bringing new, fresh content to your website on a regular basis will allow Google to see that your site is active, as well as helping you to build authority in your niche so that you rank higher.

Pinterest Management

As a final step, we can setup and manage your Pinterest account. Especially with Google AI coming into full swing, Pinterest helps traffic continue to come to your website, helping you to continue to build authority and serve your clients well.

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